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3D Printing

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What is 3D Printing?

AM, Additive Manufacturing or also known as 3D printing is the process of using various materials to process a three dimensional object. A huge variety of different materials can be used to create the objects using many layers being placed under the control of a computer. The objects that we create from this process can be any shape or any size, these designs and models are made on the computer and printed using a printer. An electronic robot. This is a very innovative method because it avoids human labor and makes the cost of creating a product much cheaper and more precise because it’s all computerized and all equal when created.

What is the process of 3D printing?

Every product for the 3D printing process starts on the computer on various software’s, the most common is CAD, also known as Computer Aided Design. This is a 3D modeling program which is used to create a whole new product and model. A 3D scanner can be used to scan a 3D model of an existing product, this is a bad process because you can only scan and make existing products because you are using products that are already on the market to scan and create again using the 3D printer which may just be a different materials, which is not very innovative.

Seeing as the 3D printer uses various layers to create a model, when you use a software to create a model you have to generate a digital file which slices the model into thousands of slices so the printer can use that to create the model using many layers. The layers of the model which is created by the 3D printer is like 0.1mm Thick and has a consistency of liquid, sheet materials and powder.

After the software has done its part and has created a digital file which the 3D printer can use the file is transferred on the printer and then the printer starts to use the 2D layers sliced by the software to place layers to create the model in 3D in actual reality. When the printer uses the layers to create the model it’s seamless and has no visible signs of layering so it makes the product look whole and it does not look tacky. This is an excellent technique which can be used by many different professions to show a mode of their products before its made or can actually be the product because the cost of creating a 3d model is less to nothing because the only cost is the material you will use in the printer to create the model.

Uses of 3D printing

There are many uses for 3D printing, you can pretty much can create anything you can think of as long as you can create a template for it and has the right materials. There are many good uses for the 3D printing technology but also there are many downsides. First of all I’ll start by talking about the good points. First of all, you can create anything using 3D printing which could be prosthetic legs, to model cars and even screws. This technology speeds of the process of everything and the cost, you can make anything in the comfort of your home and office, and you wouldn’t need to pay external sources for the things and wait days. For example, if you need various screws, you can simply download the templates off the internet and print them out instead of waiting a week for them to arrive in the post. This says a lot of time, effort and money. This is a very cost efficient method.

3D printing is a major development, a group of engineers in an Australian university created two jet engines which are fully functional and have full functioning gas turbine engine. This showed the world of science and engineering that a process which would normally take a lot of effort of molding separate parts and many months to create an engine can take a few days. Which shows that this technology is helping them in a cost friendly way and pretty much no labor.  Another story that caught my attention was the boy who was given an artificial hand because he was not born without any fingers. This story shows that this technology has a major future and has so much potential in life changing situations, this could be a revolutionary product that can change the world.

There are also bad sides to 3D printing, the one major thing that is concerning the world and the governments around the world is weapons being created by 3D printers. Just recently blue-prints of a hand gun went viral on the internet where people started to downloaded them and print real working weapons with contemporary materials. These weapons were thrown onto the streets in the hands of the people that had no control or permission for these. This can be a danger to society if the wrong people and organization people get their hands on these because they can start to sell weapons merchandise on the streets, so the people who need these won’t need to go into stores because they can simply create a weapon at home which would create more street violence and raise the crime rates.

The future of 3D printing

The future of 3D printing is so bright, this technology is developing every day and the people using these are being more innovative and doing something so new that it can change the world. This is a revolutionary piece of technology which can change the way we see and do things. 3D printing could possibly make the parts of major transports like planes, trains and even cars like I explained earlier where the engineers created jet engines. These could drop prices of everything because of the cost efficiency of this technology.


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