What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Below is the video of us interviewing one of the possible target audience. The questions were purely based around the ancillary text and the music video.

Just a single opinion was not enough for our group so we decided that we had to widen our reach and generate a questionnaire that we would be able to use to receive feedback from the possible future audience of our music video. Google Drive was used to generate the form and the database where the results went.

Below is the questionnaire we generated;


And here is the feedback;

Does the video suit the R&B genre?

Do the two secondary products match with the music video?

Do the two ancillary products suit the R&B genre?

Is that star image evident?

Did you enjoy the music video?

Do you believe the digipak is well made?

Do you believe the posters homepage design is well made?

How would you improve the music video?

How would you improve the posters & digipak?

Yes, as there is a lot of urban environments Yeah, the star is shown throughout all of them The digipak has urban tiles but the poster seems too professional Yes, he is featured a lot throughout the video and in the digipak and poster. Yes It is okay Yes You could possibly have more lip syncingscenes in the urban areas The poster needs to have more R&B-based features
yes – there are lots ofstar clipswhich is used in more r&b yes – the star is seen through all kinda – the poster doesn’t seem to match yes – he’s seen a lot It was okay Yes It is okay too many studio scenes – makes it a bit boring digipak is okay, poster needs more grungy effects
Yeah – there are a lot of urban scenes and fighting – makes it violent Yeah – they maintain the same star Yeah – the use of dark colours and graffiti suit it Yeah – he’s seen throughout all the things Yes Yes It is okay Maybe have more urban scenes Digipak is fine. But make the poster have more urban features (like graffiti) similar to the digipak
kind of, star is present a lot and there are little fighting scenes yes as the guy is the same in all and colours are similar kind of, the digipak is fine but the poster doesn’t really suit yes he can be seen in everything Yes Yes Yes more fighting. maybe girls like in some videos make the poster have graffiti font and styling
Yes – urban scenes and clips of near fighting Yes So and so – the poster is a bit off Yes – see him in all the promotional things Yes Yes Yes Less studio scenes, they’re boring Make the poster more R&B-based
Yes – graffiti and stuff Yes – but only because of the star. The twopromotional productskinda match Yeah, colours and such. Especially the graffiti on the digipak Yeah, he’s in everything a lot Yes Yes Yes Have some stuff that allows for text to show the consistent font They’re fine
Yeah, but could be better Kind of. Only because of the guy Yes Yes, he’s in all Yes Yes Yes Maybe have more fighting These are okay
Yes, does suit pretty well Only on the basis of the main singer Kinda but the poster does not really Yeah, as you can see the main singer in everything Yes Yes It is okay I think it does not need improving I think they do not need improving
Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yes Yes Yes More street scenes Don’t need improving
Yeah. But weirdly there was no idolised women Yeah. But only with the presence of the main guy Yeah. poster however is arguable as it really doesn’t look R&Bish Yeah. He can been seen a lot Yes Yes It is okay Maybe symbolise women to get guys interested as it’s pretty boring Make the poster more R&Bish

To make the questionnaire fair we made sure that our questionnaire was given out to equal amount of female and male at the certain age. Our main audience for the song was teenagers from around the age of 14-19.  We made sure that the questionnaires was being given out to the right people. We switched up the aged and the genders to generate different opinions and see if there was different opinions on the ideas.

The first question was based around the RNB genre and if it portrayed it. the question as whether the music video suit the genre. The responses we got were that the genre was portrayed fine within the music video and it suited it fine. However, when doing the questionnaire we noticed that one of the people said it sort of did not because of the small pushing and shoving scene which they said that was useless. They suggested that the star is most of the time present in the R’N’B genre and having that scene was not correct fitting. Apart from that one individual the rest of the answers checked out fine.

The next question was whether the secondary products match with the music video and star. Looking at the video response and questionnaire response we can see that most of the people suggested that the products do match the music video due to the fact that the start is present throughout all the of the products we have created. This means that the posterand the Digi pack was successful at portraying the star how we wanted. The interview individual said that they all match because of the styling and colors throughout the poster. However, on the online questionnaire you can see that the individuals said that the only reason that it links was because of the presence of the main singer not because of the styling and colors. This means that if we could do that again we would have to involve various styles to portray the star.

The next question was whether the secondary products, the ancillary products matched the genre of RNB. The response from the interviewee suggests that the Digi pack portrayed the genre R’N’B well due to the fact that two of the covers had graffiti on it which is a very urban factor, which allot of RNB and rap music have. Also, the interviewee suggested the the dark grey colors that we used int he Digi pack portrayed RNB due to it giving a urban feel to the Digi pack and the singer. This shows that the Digi pack was successful at generating a link within the genre due to its styling and colors. However, the interviewee suggests that the poster does not show RNb because there are not actually any urban aspects to the poster, meaning it is too professional. The questionnaire takers also suggested the poster did not convey the genre properly however the Digi pack was able to successfully due to the various dark colors and the graffiti on the panels.

The next question was whether the star is obvious and evident throughout the music video and the secondary products. As you can see from the response from the interview he said that the start is evident due to him being shown throughout the music video and the secondary products, the poster and the Digi pack which is a good factor because the star must be evident in all R’n’B genre music because they tend to focus on them mainly. Also, the audience suggested that the star was also evident throughout the secondary products, the poster and the Digi pack which shows that we was able to successfully use the Andrew Goodwin theory to our advantage which was to have a single individual the main focus of something.

Pie 1

The next question was whether the Digi pack was able to focus on the star and whether it was well made. Looking at the video response  you can see that the individual thinks that the Digi pack was well made because it helps promote the start successfully. This is good because the Digi pack and the poster are all promotional products which can be used for the publicity of the star. The individual who took the questionnaire also agreed.

The final question was how the music video could be changed and improved. Most of the audience suggested the the main let down was that there was too much studio scenes which made it look less urban and that  we could have added more scenery and the city to give it a urban feel to convey RNB. They decided also that we needed to add more streets and different time of the day to give it a urban environment effect which would be graffiti and other  things.  Also, we asked the audience how they would change the Digi pack and the poster to improve them. They said they would add more grungy effects, graffiti styling on the poster with various urban style d colors to give it a street feel and make sure that the singer is portrayed through the environmental view of the poster and the style. I think that if we could do the Digi pack and the poster again we could include various graffiti features to give it more of a an RNB feature to allow the singer to be portrayed properly throughout the secondary products.



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