How did you use media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?

Throughout my A2 media studies project and course i have been developing my self and my skills. Being introduced to new media technologies, methods and other things. One of the new websites and technology that we was introduced to was the word press website. Using this website had its many advantages and disadvantages. Also, i learned how to properly use Photoshop to help me generate products for my group in the tasks we was set.

Word press was the main new technology due to the reason it being a different way to post work and blog. I was able to quickly adjust to the style of posting on the word press website. The whole layout of the website was totally different o the previous blogging website that we use to post on which was blogger. the first problem that me and my group came across was that we was not able to post images on the website due to the website blocking images being uploaded. So we was able to over-come the problem by using a external image upload website to post our images instead of straight upload using the word press up loader.

The research we conducted was various things that we used different categories to split it all up. First of all, the main thing was to look at the major theories in the music video field and to study them on how we can use this theories learn from them and use them with our own video. Our groups main theory that we decided to use was the Andrew Goodwin theory how the producer is able to make the audience see the video instead of just listening, how they can get a better meaning behind the music, how the video’s link in with the music. Seeing the sound was the major concern that we had, we wanted to make sure that the music could be visualized, the music was alive. Thought beats was what we decided that would be excellent to use. The other aspect of Andrew Goodwin theory that we want to use and make our music video based around is the star image. Making the main singer the main focus point of the music video. We made sure that the star image is portrayed through what ever products and ancillary text that we created based around the project. we made sure that the image of the star was everywhere to make sure that the main focus was the main star himself. The research from this was conducted using YouTube and other sources. For the star image we looked at Justin Timber lake how in his videos and his other products like websites and CD covers he is the main focus

The Digi pack research was conducted by getting various existing Digi packs. the whole idea of a Digi pack was foreign to me at the time because i have never came across one. So the first thing was to conduct research about what a Digi pack was and what the main purchase of the Digi-pack was. The main thing i had to see was how a Digi pack is different o a normal CD case which i conducted a post about. After using Google and other websites i came to a conclusion about Digi packs and what they are needed for and not needed for. Google is the best type of technology for research which can be used. I simply used word press to post the research that i conducted on the Digi packs.

The genre research that we conducted was based around a popular genre that we decided to do, and we decided to find a independent artist whose song we could use to generate a music video. Then we decided to use Google drive which was new to me so one of my group members who was familiar with it created a questionnaire we used to research about what the audience want.

Only a small amount of technology was used when we decided to create our initial ideas. We simply used paper to plan our characters, locations and music itself.  We used a map generator which was fairly new to us to create  a mind map of our initial ideas to show that we have put together a bunch of ideas for our project that we have in front of us.

A focus group was conducted to find out more about the audience and the potential fans think of the ideas we have about our music. Our original idea was to create a video of the focus group but due to lack of equipment we decided to go with audio only focus group which we used by recording on a iPad. The quality was fine and it was the first time transferring from iPad to a computer. To get the files from the phone to the computer we had to make sure that the video was uploaded onto drop-box which is a software which i was not familiar with before the course. Drop box is simply a software where you can place items and access from any device, or computer. That is how we decided to retrieve the audio that we recorded from the phone onto the computer.

Not much technology was used when creating the story boards. The only technology we used throughout the process of storyboards was the simply process of printing out the template of the storyboard that we created for our storyboard then scanning in the storyboard once we had created a storyboard. Due to being regular uses of printers and scanners this was not new to me and nothing new was learnt during this process.

The pitch was the part of the course where we used a decent amount of technology, some new and some old. The first thing we had to do was to create a power point on what our pitch is, just overall creating a pitch. PowerPoint is fairly common to people. After creating a power point we had to transfer the power point from our computers using a USB to the main computer. Where we then used a projector to project the power point onto the main board, which then we presented by recording with an HD iPad. After recording with the iPad we had to do the same process as the audio from the focus from to put it onto the computer, Drop box.

For our coresspondence we made sure that we kept all the contact digital to make sure we was using all the technology as we could and with the most effect. To see more of that view the following;

For the construction of our video we used the program by Sony, Sony Vegas pro 11. This was a more effective software than the standard software that the school uses Premier Pro.  With this software we simply imported all the clips that we recorded and placed them into the software. From there we could simply edit the video, this was a difficult task because due to our plans we decided to cut the videos on the beat so it flows with the song. This was a difficult task because any variations would ruin the whole video.

You can see the basic layout of the software above in the image, you can see that the right hand side it shows you a preview of the video that you are creating. Then you can see on the left hand side where all the clips have been imported into. From there you can simply drag and drop the clip onto the timeline. The timeline is at the bottom of the page. This timeline shows all the clips that are being used for the video, you can see that they have been cut and edited to suit our video.  Using the timeline we cut the videos to match the beat and put in various effects using that also.

The Digi pack we created was done by using Photoshop Cc. The latest version of Photoshop. Photoshop is a software which I had not used before, so I had to learn more using tutorials and other videos and books. This software us to create a Digi pack by simply using the tools in the software to generate it. We simply, cropped, cut and layered various images and text to get our final image.


For the evaluations I was given various questions to answer about my year and the project. One of the first questioned which I used to evaluate my project was “How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary text?” For this evaluation I looked at the magazines, and other products that I created and how they linked in with the main music video that my group created. This was a good evaluation task because it allowed me to think about how everything was linked together. For this I used Prezi to present the evaluation question, I used it to create a creative presentation which I embedded into the blog.

The second question that I answered was “What have you learned from your audience feedback?”. This was a question that had me thinking because it required me to put on paper how the questionnaires and other research that we conducted from the audience helped us decide. For this I decided to look at the results from the questionnaire to figure out how the audience helped us. This I  kept as an written text with various images to illustrate what I  am talking about.


From AS to A2 there was many developments that enhanced my skills are abilities. I think that from AS to A2 we decided to use a different editing program which a skill I  learnt because I  had to effectively edit using the software I  had just learnt about. Photoshop was a software I  had already used but not in that much detail. So I  had to learn more about the software to do things which I  usually could not like adding various effects and using different functions.



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