In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

For my media project, we decided to make a music video which we made using the Sony Vegas pro software. We made a digi pack and a magazine cover. These were the main ancillary products that we created when we decided to advertise the music video and bring up its publicity. The products are relative to the current styles and conventions of music due to its various styles and colouring that we used.

For the Digi pack we decided to make sure that the Digi pack had a urban feel to it to make sure that it looked more R’N’B than any other genre. For the Digi pack we made sure that the colouring were dark, and dull to give it a urban feel. The colours we used on the Digi pack were greys and whites. These colours are commonly used throughout the music industry to give their products urban feels. From the image below  you can see that most of the urban artists keep their Digi pack covers in dull covers. We conformed the the typical conventions of media by making sure that the Digi pack we create has the same impact and conforms with the typical rnb covers.  As you can see from the two images below, they are both similar in the way they present the colours and the text. The text gives both of the covers a urban feel .This is because we wanted to conform to the typical media conventions to link it with the current products.

Moving on, to get a feel of what the audience like and what the most popular genre was we decided to place a questionnaire which the audience could answer. As we received the answers back the r’n’b genre was clearly on top. To help me get a better view of what the current products of r’n’b music are like I decided to go on-line and check existing music videos to get a feel of the genre. From the research I conducted I was able to find out that the r’n’b genre focuses on the star image allot, making sure that the main star is always in the lens of the camera and he/she is always the main focus of the music videos. Our video conformed to this, because we looked at what the current products was doing and we conformed to the music videos by making sure that our main star was always in the shot and he was the main focus of the music video. Due to this main focus on the star, we was able to successfully portray and convey the star image in the music video to make sure that the audience are aware of the main focus, and who the star is. Not only did we conform the music video, we decided to switch it up and challenge the convention by having a montage and various clips of different locations and people to make it link in with the song. we challenged the typical conventions by making sure that not only the star was inside the music video and we added more people to give a different feel to the music video.

Another way we decided to challenge the typical conventions of music videos was to go against the Laura mulvey theory of the male gaze. This theory states that the main focus in a music video of males is the women and their physical structures. In our music video we decided to challenge this statement by making sure that we can show that music videos and any other products can be interesting and can be focuses of males not just female. We made this to challenge the typical thoughts and stereotypes. On the other hand the music video conformed to the typical styling of the music videos of r’n’b by having various clips together and in a fast pace. This is a typical convention of rnb song and music videos to keep the audience entertained.


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