Star image

Our main focus was to promote the star through various styles, themes and the star  image to keep the star relevant through all documents. We made sure that we kept the graffiti/grunge style consistent throughout the all the products that we created, meaning the Digi pack and the poster and the music video, to create a sense of symbolism like Rihanna how she uses a ‘R’ in all her albums or other products.


Font is a an important feature when it comes to the star image. To make sure that we kept the font same throughout the secondary products and the music video. We made sure that we the same font style through every document that we create to keep the start image running throughout every product and make the star the main focus.

The images below show that my team has made sure that we keep the font style the sizes consistent to keep the star image rolling throughout all our products. The font can be seen the same throughout all the images below.



To create a symbol for the star we made sure that we get inspiration from current stars for example, Eminem and Rihanna which use the first letter of their name for the logo and the various graphics of their products. this allows the singer to be recognizable by a symbol instead of a actual name.


Logo2 2 1


Below shows his presence in the Digi pack:

Having the star’s image on the cover is good because ti allows the Digi pack to be easily recognizable, for example if a potential customer walks past they will notice straight away that this album is by Tyler Simpson. The first image is the current day Tyler Simpson which is good because it is on the front cover which will allow the customers know what they are about to purchase. The second image is on the back with the background of Tyler Simpson his history so the picture of his early days we thought would be the most reasonable choice.

3 Star2


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