Storyboard – Final draft


Shot 1 – The first shot will be of the camera looking out upon the scenery from the train window. This was planned from the start as this helps establish the change in location as well as becoming filler footage for the initial beats. This will change from different pieces of scenery, i.e. fields/bushes to factories and houses.


Shot 2 – Short clip of our star image walking up stars and then glancing at the camera. This will again be used as filler clips for the initial beats. It will be a medium shot and helps distinguishes his costume.


Shot 3 – Short clip of various street names, this again is used as filler clips for the initial beats. It was a suggested idea from one of our production team as one of the videos they watched features sign names and they believed it help establish location as well as residence.


Shot 4 – Short clip that establishes the location yet again. This time it will be of the town hall in Birmingham city. Due to the somewhat old architecture of the video, it displays that the music video can contain class among the urban environments. Allowing the music video to challenge the R&B conventions.


Shot 5 – Short clip that again establishes location and is somewhat similar to the street name shot although this shot is of a signpost instead of a sign against a wall.


Shot 6 – Short clip of an extreme close up of the star image in front of some random people. This can conform to the idea of that the star image is recognising random people as being “beautiful people” – this can challenge the conventions of R&B again due to the fact that he is not being vain.


Shot 7 – Short clip of a medium camera shot. This again contributes to the idea that the main star is not vain and sees the other people as being beautiful.


Shot 8 – Short clip of a medium shot. This will show the star within the Bullring in Birmingham and helps establish more location. However, this shot technically serves no purpose in terms of translating conventions to R&B and such and is simply a filler shot.


Shot 9 – Short clip of medium shot. This shows the main star along side two members of the production team. The clip will also be made to look amateur as he recognises the camera and again allows the audience to refer to the fact that this is made to look unprofessional (refer to the previous post about inspired videos).


Shot 10 – Prolonged clip of a medium shot. This shows the main star in the studio and behind the one way glass. This is used as an establishing shot to show that the star has now changed location and helps notify the audience that the lyrics are starting.


Shot 11 – Short clip of an extreme close up. This shows an over the shoulder shot of our main star and allows the audience to see his mouth movements in conjunction with the lyrics being sung. This helps the audience recognise (and through editing) that he is singing the song and does not look like lip syncing.


Shot 12 – The clip then cuts back to where the star is in Birmingham due to the lyric of “everywhere I go”. Hence showing that where ever the star is he still sees “beautiful people” and challenge the R&B vainness conventions.


Shot 13 – The clip then cuts back to the studio and features an extreme close up of the stars face. This again will be a more clear version of the over the shoulder shot as the audience is not able to fully make out what he is singing – but this shot clears those ideas as you can see him singing directly to the camera.


Shot 14 – Establishing shot of our fourth location and again lets the audience know that the location has changed. The shot will be of the city’s skyline and again reinforces the challenging of convention in order to display class.


Shot 15 – Crab shot of the star (extremely low angle). This conforms to the conventions of R&B once again as it is showing his vainness due to the fact he is looking down upon the audience. This will be used for certain quick tempo sections of the song to make the video look somewhat aggressive.


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