Roles within the group

Andrew Finlay
As this member has strengths with anything computer-based, it would be ideal for this member to have the role of designing and creating the website; being the main editor; creating any effects for the video.
Also, from previous Media work, he has good knowledge of camera shots, angles and techniques so he will be the assistant camera operator.

Zeeshan Ali
As this member has strengths with camera work and has studied Media for longer than any of the members, it was natural for him to become the group leader and take responsibility for the majority of the camera work and directing. Due to these strengths he was assigned as the leader camera operator and assistant director. He will also help out as an assistant editor.

Raqeebul Rafat
As this member has strengths with directing and producing videos from previous media projects he was assigned the role of being the director and helping the editors produce the video by instructing them what is required and what visions he wants to see. With this knowledge of producing in collation with the computer work from the previous member, it would result in a good piece of work.

Abdul Azim
As this member has previous experience with screenwriting and being a creative writer due to his past subjects, this member was the person who generated most the the main ideas along with the ideas in relation to the lyrics of the music. Additionally, with his past experience within media and due to him generating the ideas, it was only natural to have him as the co-director and assistant producer.

Plan for working together
Overall, the plan for using our strengths together to achieve successfully is as follows:

Together we shall contribute ideas for the music video with Abdul taking charge of generating the idea for the story of the music video.
Andrew and Zeeshan will then research into possible effects and ideas that can be used on the video to make these ideas flow well.
Raqeebul will then generate ideas for the potential camera work that can be used in order to direct the music video to his visions.
Zeeshan will then operate the camera to ensure that the directors needs are met in order to generate the correct shots that shall be used in the music video.
Andrew and Zeeshan will then edit these clips that have been recorded in order to create a continuous flow that meets the needs of the producers in order to keep to the story and ideas that Abdul has generated.
If all of these ideas and plans are kept to, the music video will be successful and efficient.


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