Music Video Inspiration

Our main idea for our music video was to make sure it doesn’t look too professional like a whole camera crew and director made it. Our idea was to make it seem like the video was recorded by the artist and his entourage themselves. Looking at the music video above by One Direction the boy band you can see that the video aspects of their music video shows that the music video was recorded by themselves due to the amateur look to it.

A production team may have been behind the production of the music video however they still made it look amateur like to give it the stylish affect. We got our inspiration from this music video by the camera shots they use, quick and slightly unstable to give it a hand-held motion. Another thing that we noticed was that the fans were in the music video due to the environment not being controlled by the production teams. This is we are deciding to do by not controlling the environment so the audience do not know that we are recording a music video and let them in shots as they carry on with their normal lives.

The music video may be amateur styled however the editing behind the music video would be professional and unlike amateur music videos. So this will make the music video like the one above look professional but still amateur like. This was our main ideas for our music video and the inspiration where we got our ideas.


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