Ideas of locations

Intended Locations
As our video will consist of a variety of people from different locations and background, it would be ideal if we recorded in a number of locations in order to get the feel for different people. We are planning on going to three different locations.

The travel
For each of the locations, we will be travelling by train which gives us the opportunity to film from the train when actually travelling. With this knowledge, we are going to film the change of scenery from the windows of the train and then use this footage within the video to make quick cuts to match the beat of the music.


The cities
From the planning we are deciding to record from three different cities in the West Midlands, these being:
Coventry: This is currently where we live and therefore have knowledge of the city hence knowing the locations in which we can film to get the desired effects on our video; for instance, if we would want a very urban-looking area that has graffiti we will know where the ideal places would be.


Birmingham: This is the second location in which we will intend to film. As we have all visited this city before we have some prior knowledge of the locations and the potential filming spots. From what we have planned we are only going to stick around the city centre and film our main star walking around people in the city. This will help emphasise the “beautiful people” with different backgrounds.


Wolverhampton: The third location we decided to film in was Wolverhampton. Again, this will allow to show for an interchange between the cities via the travelling and give different types of scenery for the video.



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