Casting ideas

As the music video that we intend to do has a fairly fast tempo and the singer is a young male, we need to find an actor that is young and has past experience in the music industry.

We interviewed a small number of people who we hand picked for the role of the star image within our music video.

Specifically we were looking for a male aged around 17-21, has had past experience within the music industry and who has the spare time to record in accordance to our schedule and deadlines. The following shows the applicants:

Shubed Miah

He has previous knowledge of working within the music industry and has produced a number of songs on his youtube channel. He also has studied media and has some insight into what is expected of his, additionally, he has also featured in a music video before and therefore was our initial choice.

However, due to his availability schedule and the fact that he worked over the weekends, it deemed inappropriate to use him as our main star as he was never available when we were actually able to film. Due to this we needed to go with another choice.

Tyler Simpson

He also has a lot of experience working in the music industry and has actually released some song of his own and produced a number of music videos. His channel can be found here. Due to his experiences, he was an appropriate second choice.

Additionally, despite also being a student, he has a more flexible time schedule than Shubed and did have time over the weekends for recording availability. Due to these factors, we decided to choose Tyler as our star and to act in the music video.


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