Camera Work and Editing ideas

Camera Work

For our music video we will use a variety of camera shots in order to help conform to the genres of the music that we are using. For instance, from previous music videos that I have watched and have analysed in past blog posts.

We will use a variety of camera angles throughout the video most commonly using extreme close ups of our main star – this will help emphasise the fact that he is the focus of the video and therefore should be somewhat idolised. This will also help develop the connotation if the fact that the main star is vain hence meaning that he takes pride in his appearance which conforms to typical R&B videos. An example can be seen below:


Another camera angle we will use will be long shots and crab shots. The long shots shall be used when establishing the location of our main star, for instance there will be a close upwhen he is singing and then it will cut to a long shot in order to show that he is, for instance, leaning or standing against a graffiti’d wall. We will also make use of crab shots in order to make our star image seem superior to the audience and the camera, this will be used during more ‘aggressive’ parts of the music video in order to make him seem powerful which will conform to generic R&B music videos.


Editing will be the be the most important stage in our creation of the music video. We generated various ideas on how we would like to see our music video be. Firstly, we decided for the main tempo, and pace of the music video we will make sure that all the scenes and cuts are fast, and razor cuts. Our music video will be fasted paced to keep up with the original song. Razor cuts was the idea we generated from researching and analysing the original music video and noticing that the slow paced video does not go with the song. To improve this we decided that we will speed up the scenes, cutting them up and placing various different clips in order.

Next, we will make sure that our visuals of the music video are professional and resemble million dollar music videos. We will place colour correction first of all to remove the fresh camera recording look from the music video to make sure it looks pro made and edited. As you can look above a music video of Pixie, you can see that the colour correction changes the mood and the aesthetics of the music video drastically to improve the visual quality. The next thing that we will put into place to give it a sharp, snappy look in order to improve the aesthetics of the video we will add ‘Proc Amp’ to the music video which is a tool that

We also decided to add various scenes of continuity editing which is making the music video flow with various cuts which lead into another, for example, from a side shot of a dropping ball we can do a close up of it touching the ground. This is an example of continuity editing.


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