Print Advertising

The increase of digital technology and general technology has made people think that the print advertisements are no longer required or good. This is wrong because people still use prints to advertise and promote artists and events. Prints are expensive compared to the internet which is very effective in costs and costs much less than prints. The ability to give a physical advertisement to the user is better than something that pops up on the side of a website.

A hand print is very good because the way it is done. they are physical objects which are always there in front of someone, you cannot click off them or minimize. These are used by a lot of companies and other artists. for example, artists may use posters and flyers to advertise their events or other activities. Magazines, newspapers are always hand printed and paper based due to the larger audience.

Printing has its good and bad points, first of the bad points are that the prints are very expensive and to produce hundreds and thousands of each will cost a lot where on the other hand you can easily create a online advertisement which it will cost much less to produce and distribute. Good points about the printing is that the internet is virus full where the prints are simple and effective and can cause no harm.

To conclude, even though prints are excellent are effective due to the more face to face interaction. Even through all that I think that the online advertisements are more effective due to the cheap publishing and producing and maintained. Creating prints are very expensive and time consuming, and due to the digital age, keeping it digital is excellent.


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