How CD’s sales have changed in years

Throughout the years technology has advanced and so have audio devices. Looking through the advancements of technology audio is able to digitally stay on the internet and computers. This gives the user the ability to download and keep music online without purchasing a actual CD. Due to this reason most of the sale shave dropped, also that using programs like iTunes to download and store music. However, even with this some people still prefer actual Cd’s however the drop is massive and due to this the sales and money that Cd’s make has dropped.

Looking at the statistics, when applications like iTunes and portable devices was introduced to the public. The sales of CD’s have been going down and down. This is similar to the transfer from cassettes players to CD players. This was a huge leap because it was an advanced development in the modern world. This gradually reduced the sales of them and more sales of CD’s until cassettes were extinct from the modern world. Now you can only see them in ancient museums. This is the same process with CD’s and online storage. Eventually it will die out.

How are artists making most of the money?

Looking at the artists of the modern age you can notice that most of the artists are making money through online sales and views. YouTube now allows artists to place their music videos online and for each view they receive a certain amount. If you look at decent artists they receive over millions of views and the major artists receive around 100-200 million views. YouTube pays the artists around 1-2$ a view, so that comes up to the millions. Moving on, the artists now use online sales like ITunes to make sales of the CD’s so people can directly purchase onto their phone instead of getting a Cd which they will need a CD player each time they want to play it. And nowadays even Vehicles do not need CD’s to play music, you can simply plug in your USB with digital music on it.


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