Difference between a Digipack and CD’s

A regular Jewel CD case

A Digipack

Here are the two type of CD’s which you can purchase. If you look at the regular jewel case you will notice it is made of of plastic and is see-through with only one fold with one CD tray. The jewel case regularly consists of three pieces put together and is the most used and traditional since a long time.  The jewel CD cases are very fragile and easily broken if dropped.

On the other-hand, you can see that the digipack is another style of case which has various folds and materials in its creation. IF you look at the digipack is has various sides and inner-folds which the regular artists put extra art and lyrics of the songs inside. Or even the songs that are included in the album. This is a very effective casing because you can fit allot in a  small space. Due to these digipacks being made out of cardboard from the outside, it makes them very solid and not easily broken unlike the jewel cases.

Looking at them both, i think that the digipack’s are more exclusive and will most likely cost the most. The digipack’s are the collectors editions most of the time, the real collectors and fans of a certain artist. These are mostly for show cases and displays due to the attractive looks and aesthetics.


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