Intertextuality is when producers of music videos are aspiring film directors and they add in references or tributes to artists or films. Intertextuality could be that the individual is dressed as same as a individual who is well know and has a distinct style. There are many reasons someone may use intertextuality in their music videos. One of the main reasons is to pay tribute to dead artists or older famous stars.

Here is an example of intertextuality, you can see that Bart is dressed same as the individual on the right, this could be to show tribute to the individual or movie/song. This can also be done to mock or create a parody of the certain star or artist.

Here is an example of intertextuality that Madonna has used. This is a tribute that Madonna did to the play ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’ As you can see that the dress style, mise-en-scene and everything to do with the video is the same. The jewellery is also the same to make the video look exactly the same as the play.  Madonna is not trying to copy Monroe but pay tribute to her style.


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