Eminem – Mockingbird Music Video Analysis

The song is about the daughters and niece of Eminem who is considered as his daughter too. This song is about how the life of the daughters has gotten to where it is, how everything has impacted where they are. This song is directly straight towards his daughters about how much he loves them and he puts them above everyone. He explains about Kim and how shes always in the news and trouble how their mother is not making it easy on them, its not what he wanted and how its not what they planned.

Eminem explains various times in the song how he is doing all he can to make sure that they do not go through what he did, and the life he did not have. He explains how he can not always be there, and how they should stay strong and keep their heads up. He explains how he cannot be with their mother anymore due to various reasons and how its life and things happen but he loves them no matter what.

Moving on, the song is a narrative video, it has various segments of Eminem and his daughters and even Kim. The song keeps pushing forward with various clips of Eminem’s daughters as they link in with the lyrics, the video is one big montage that Eminem has cleverly put together to give a memory feel to the video. This video was made by Eminem for his daughters to remind them of their past and what has happened and why.

Eminem in this music video is represented as a mature, caring and loving person in this music video, he shows love and passion in this music video toward his daughters. Not only in the lyrics, you can see various videos clips and segments of Eminem with his daughters and them being happy. Eminem is overall represented as a loving person in this video which was fully intentional.

There is a obvious link between the lyrics and the images you see on the screen. Eminem is rapping about his daughters and how times have taken the advantage over them and how they have nothing to worry because he is there for them, the video plays in the background showing various clips of the real lives of Eminem and his daughters of their past, it’s pretty much a biography of Eminem with some music in the background.

Within 4 minutes you can go through the song and see the hardship that Eminem has been through, and how much he loves his daughters and what he’d do for them. The lyrics and the songs perfectly fit together, the video links into the lyrics for example, when Eminem talks about Hailie his daughter the video will switch to a real video of Hailie as a baby or a younger girl. This video was cleverly made.

There is no specific audience however i would think that it would be Eminem fans and who care about Eminem’s life. This must have been one of the most important music videos that Eminem released due to there being a real reason behind it unlike the other rappers who have no reasons behind music, meaningless lyrics. This song was a attachment to the biography of Eminem, a attachment to his life. A letter to his daughters. The audience of this music video would be teenagers and even adults who like rap and Eminem.

This music video challenges the music video, usually rap videos are about money, power, and women. This music video is about much more than that, it has a real reason behind it, it has a real STORY behind it. Normally, music videos are made up and a fictional story none of it is real, based off real events and lives. Eminem is one of the most established rappers due to his honesty and the music video’s he makes and songs. It’s a film, a film of his life. every one of his songs.

The music video hardly concentrates on the artist, it is divided. Most of the song is complied by various clips of his daughters and his life. The song is strictly there for his daughters, the songs main purpose and reason is his daughters that’s why most of the clips on the music video is his daughters as they age. This challenges rap music videos because usually the music videos by rappers are based on the rappers and they are mostly performance due to the rappers wanting fame, and publicity.

The atmosphere of this song is gloomy and sad. This song is about all the bad times Eminem has had and now he brings them public. The mood that this puts people in is like the ending of Romeo & Juliet, you feel for them. You actually feel the hard time that Eminem went through.


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