Eminem – Star Study

Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972, in St. Joseph, Missouri, the only child of Deborah R. (Nelson) Mathers-Briggs (born 1955) and Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. (born 1947).He is of Scottish,English, German, Swiss, Polish, and Luxembourgian ancestry.His mother was 15 when she married his father and nearly died less than three years later during Mathers’ 73-hour birth. Mathers spent much of his formative years living in a largely black lower-middle-class Detroit neighborhood.


As you can see in these various images it shows how Eminem has changed in the eyes of the public and the media, Marshall Mathers has changed in various ways since he first started the rap business. Marshall started off as a young scruffy rapper who didn’t really care about what people thought about him or nothing. Over the years and after various tragedy’s and situations Eminem went through he changed his look completely to a more serious Eminem, nothing like what Slim Shady back in 2004.

Eminem’s voice has also changed over the years, after the long time that Eminem took off when he went into Rehab and when he went quite along while when his best friend Proof died. Listening to the earlier stuff of Eminem and the newer stuff you can see a distinct change in his voice which some people prefer or hate.


These are the album covers over time of Eminem from when he first started from Marshall Mathers LP to Recovery. Looking at the first album cover you can see that it is dark and gloomy. You can see Eminem or a figure in the background who is unclear, just like the album its strange and dark.  This was the earlier days Eminem really dark and different due to him being one of the only white rappers in Detroit which he was looked down upon.

Looking at the second album cover you can see that the dark, gloomy pattern remains throughout the Eminem albums until the Eminem Show which he is on a stage on the Album cover. This shows that Eminem is starting to come out more to the public. The Album contained various controversial songs like “Without me” and “Sing for a moment”.

This song was one of the songs in the album “The Eminem Show” which was controversial due to the anger and hate that eminem expressed towards the media and prosecutors. Eminem was known in that time for going flames hot on people and groups on his songs meaning insulting and making jokes of them.

Next is Relapse, this was his album released on May 15 2009 after a long period since Encore. Album was taken into rehab after a addiction to  prescription sleeping medication.  One of the main songs that was in this album was Beautiful, this song was about various hard times that Eminem has had and what he has been doing, how he has been segregated from the whole world.

Next moving onto Recovery, this is the album when he changes and he brings it public and explains it all on his songs how he has changed positively. The theme of the album is about around his positive changes, anxiety, and emotional drives. Looking at the first album and the earlier Eminem, the young, wild, and reckless Eminem has changed drastically since then to a more mature, careful and serious Eminem.


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