Reception Theory Applied

The creator and director of this music video made the meaning of the video to show racism, hatred and arrogance. This is done by the people ignoring the homeless man who is suffering and not helping him, he continues to walk on the street without recieving no help. This shows that the people in the big city do not care about him. You can also see that the individual is the odd one out.

The people who take this theory face on and agree to the message that the creator is trying to put across is preferred reading. They are seeing the text and agreeing with it. Agreeing with the creators side of the thought would mean that they agree that the people of New York are arrogant, we do not care about the poor, we just ignore them like they are not there. They cannot help themselves we need to help them, that’s what they see when they look at this video.

However, i have seen this video and i was negotiation reading. When looking at this i noticed that this music video was making references to the slave trade triangle. You can see that the male is a African american who has all of sudden landed in a massive city full of sky scrapers which is all too new to him, he looks around, he looks without any clue, he is lost. Everywhere he goes he asks for help but does not get. This is what happen in the slave trade triangle, the poor was exploited  and the rich looked on.


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