Music Video Analysis – Ludacris – My Chick Bad ft. Nicki Minaj

The song is pretty much about Ludacris bragging about his girl, how she is superior to others. This music video is pretty much about the male gaze and how Ludacris uses it. The song goes through various aspects ways how one is better than the other and why.

Yes, this links into Laura Mulveys theory about the Male gaze, there are various females dancing throughout the music video where they body parts are highlighted and in some parts there are shadows and only the body shapes to keep the focus on their body, this is clear example of the “Male Gaze”. Laura Mulvey said that the males looking at the music video will focus mostly on the body parts which is true because the music video itself focuses on the body parts of females this is done by close ups and isolation to show the movement and flow of the females on screen.

There are various camera angles throughout the music video. In various camera angles the camera is pointing upwards to give a higher angle to the individual behind the camera in this case its a female dancing, this shows the female to be superior which links in with the reason behind this song. Moving on, the next thing is movement and editing of the camera and music video. The camera is moving constantly and the cuts are sharp and razor fast. This is used to link in with the tempo of the song and the dance style of the females in the background, which they are dancing in a sexual way which is for the male gaze.

This links in with most music videos in this genre which is rap, there are allot of music videos which focus on females, mostly Rap music videos. In the rap industry female are seen as some sort of trophy and to attract the male audience which it mostly is for the rap industry they place various females on screen to keep their attention.

No, the music video focuses on various parts, mostly on females which is the main focus of the music video and the song itself. The song is made to brag and exaggerate female which it done perfectly using the fast tempo and the fast cuts and various females on screen to keep the gaze of the male on them which the theory by Laura Mulvey suggests which will happen.


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