Print Advertising

The increase of digital technology and general technology has made people think that the print advertisements are no longer required or good. This is wrong because people still use prints to advertise and promote artists and events. Prints are expensive compared to the internet which is very effective in costs and costs much less than prints. The ability to give a physical advertisement to the user is better than something that pops up on the side of a website.

A hand print is very good because the way it is done. they are physical objects which are always there in front of someone, you cannot click off them or minimize. These are used by a lot of companies and other artists. for example, artists may use posters and flyers to advertise their events or other activities. Magazines, newspapers are always hand printed and paper based due to the larger audience.

Printing has its good and bad points, first of the bad points are that the prints are very expensive and to produce hundreds and thousands of each will cost a lot where on the other hand you can easily create a online advertisement which it will cost much less to produce and distribute. Good points about the printing is that the internet is virus full where the prints are simple and effective and can cause no harm.

To conclude, even though prints are excellent are effective due to the more face to face interaction. Even through all that I think that the online advertisements are more effective due to the cheap publishing and producing and maintained. Creating prints are very expensive and time consuming, and due to the digital age, keeping it digital is excellent.


My Digipack idea’s and star study covers



Looking at the CD covers of my artist which i conducted a star study on, the case is mostly revolved around the artist and their life. You can see the gloomy and myterious feel to each of the CD cases. This is what the artist is trying to put across.

On my digipack due to my artist which i will pick to create a music video for will be unknown, i may decide to create a digipack with their image and various other information and lyrics on it. To a unknown person to have their image and name on the CD cases or digipacks is very important for publicity.

Difference between a Digipack and CD’s

A regular Jewel CD case

A Digipack

Here are the two type of CD’s which you can purchase. If you look at the regular jewel case you will notice it is made of of plastic and is see-through with only one fold with one CD tray. The jewel case regularly consists of three pieces put together and is the most used and traditional since a long time.  The jewel CD cases are very fragile and easily broken if dropped.

On the other-hand, you can see that the digipack is another style of case which has various folds and materials in its creation. IF you look at the digipack is has various sides and inner-folds which the regular artists put extra art and lyrics of the songs inside. Or even the songs that are included in the album. This is a very effective casing because you can fit allot in a  small space. Due to these digipacks being made out of cardboard from the outside, it makes them very solid and not easily broken unlike the jewel cases.

Looking at them both, i think that the digipack’s are more exclusive and will most likely cost the most. The digipack’s are the collectors editions most of the time, the real collectors and fans of a certain artist. These are mostly for show cases and displays due to the attractive looks and aesthetics.

How CD’s sales have changed in years

Throughout the years technology has advanced and so have audio devices. Looking through the advancements of technology audio is able to digitally stay on the internet and computers. This gives the user the ability to download and keep music online without purchasing a actual CD. Due to this reason most of the sale shave dropped, also that using programs like iTunes to download and store music. However, even with this some people still prefer actual Cd’s however the drop is massive and due to this the sales and money that Cd’s make has dropped.

Looking at the statistics, when applications like iTunes and portable devices was introduced to the public. The sales of CD’s have been going down and down. This is similar to the transfer from cassettes players to CD players. This was a huge leap because it was an advanced development in the modern world. This gradually reduced the sales of them and more sales of CD’s until cassettes were extinct from the modern world. Now you can only see them in ancient museums. This is the same process with CD’s and online storage. Eventually it will die out.

How are artists making most of the money?

Looking at the artists of the modern age you can notice that most of the artists are making money through online sales and views. YouTube now allows artists to place their music videos online and for each view they receive a certain amount. If you look at decent artists they receive over millions of views and the major artists receive around 100-200 million views. YouTube pays the artists around 1-2$ a view, so that comes up to the millions. Moving on, the artists now use online sales like ITunes to make sales of the CD’s so people can directly purchase onto their phone instead of getting a Cd which they will need a CD player each time they want to play it. And nowadays even Vehicles do not need CD’s to play music, you can simply plug in your USB with digital music on it.


Intertextuality is when producers of music videos are aspiring film directors and they add in references or tributes to artists or films. Intertextuality could be that the individual is dressed as same as a individual who is well know and has a distinct style. There are many reasons someone may use intertextuality in their music videos. One of the main reasons is to pay tribute to dead artists or older famous stars.

Here is an example of intertextuality, you can see that Bart is dressed same as the individual on the right, this could be to show tribute to the individual or movie/song. This can also be done to mock or create a parody of the certain star or artist.

Here is an example of intertextuality that Madonna has used. This is a tribute that Madonna did to the play ‘Gentlemen prefer blondes’ As you can see that the dress style, mise-en-scene and everything to do with the video is the same. The jewellery is also the same to make the video look exactly the same as the play.  Madonna is not trying to copy Monroe but pay tribute to her style.

Eminem – Mockingbird Music Video Analysis

The song is about the daughters and niece of Eminem who is considered as his daughter too. This song is about how the life of the daughters has gotten to where it is, how everything has impacted where they are. This song is directly straight towards his daughters about how much he loves them and he puts them above everyone. He explains about Kim and how shes always in the news and trouble how their mother is not making it easy on them, its not what he wanted and how its not what they planned.

Eminem explains various times in the song how he is doing all he can to make sure that they do not go through what he did, and the life he did not have. He explains how he can not always be there, and how they should stay strong and keep their heads up. He explains how he cannot be with their mother anymore due to various reasons and how its life and things happen but he loves them no matter what.

Moving on, the song is a narrative video, it has various segments of Eminem and his daughters and even Kim. The song keeps pushing forward with various clips of Eminem’s daughters as they link in with the lyrics, the video is one big montage that Eminem has cleverly put together to give a memory feel to the video. This video was made by Eminem for his daughters to remind them of their past and what has happened and why.

Eminem in this music video is represented as a mature, caring and loving person in this music video, he shows love and passion in this music video toward his daughters. Not only in the lyrics, you can see various videos clips and segments of Eminem with his daughters and them being happy. Eminem is overall represented as a loving person in this video which was fully intentional.

There is a obvious link between the lyrics and the images you see on the screen. Eminem is rapping about his daughters and how times have taken the advantage over them and how they have nothing to worry because he is there for them, the video plays in the background showing various clips of the real lives of Eminem and his daughters of their past, it’s pretty much a biography of Eminem with some music in the background.

Within 4 minutes you can go through the song and see the hardship that Eminem has been through, and how much he loves his daughters and what he’d do for them. The lyrics and the songs perfectly fit together, the video links into the lyrics for example, when Eminem talks about Hailie his daughter the video will switch to a real video of Hailie as a baby or a younger girl. This video was cleverly made.

There is no specific audience however i would think that it would be Eminem fans and who care about Eminem’s life. This must have been one of the most important music videos that Eminem released due to there being a real reason behind it unlike the other rappers who have no reasons behind music, meaningless lyrics. This song was a attachment to the biography of Eminem, a attachment to his life. A letter to his daughters. The audience of this music video would be teenagers and even adults who like rap and Eminem.

This music video challenges the music video, usually rap videos are about money, power, and women. This music video is about much more than that, it has a real reason behind it, it has a real STORY behind it. Normally, music videos are made up and a fictional story none of it is real, based off real events and lives. Eminem is one of the most established rappers due to his honesty and the music video’s he makes and songs. It’s a film, a film of his life. every one of his songs.

The music video hardly concentrates on the artist, it is divided. Most of the song is complied by various clips of his daughters and his life. The song is strictly there for his daughters, the songs main purpose and reason is his daughters that’s why most of the clips on the music video is his daughters as they age. This challenges rap music videos because usually the music videos by rappers are based on the rappers and they are mostly performance due to the rappers wanting fame, and publicity.

The atmosphere of this song is gloomy and sad. This song is about all the bad times Eminem has had and now he brings them public. The mood that this puts people in is like the ending of Romeo & Juliet, you feel for them. You actually feel the hard time that Eminem went through.

Eminem – Star Study

Eminem was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III on October 17, 1972, in St. Joseph, Missouri, the only child of Deborah R. (Nelson) Mathers-Briggs (born 1955) and Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. (born 1947).He is of Scottish,English, German, Swiss, Polish, and Luxembourgian ancestry.His mother was 15 when she married his father and nearly died less than three years later during Mathers’ 73-hour birth. Mathers spent much of his formative years living in a largely black lower-middle-class Detroit neighborhood.


As you can see in these various images it shows how Eminem has changed in the eyes of the public and the media, Marshall Mathers has changed in various ways since he first started the rap business. Marshall started off as a young scruffy rapper who didn’t really care about what people thought about him or nothing. Over the years and after various tragedy’s and situations Eminem went through he changed his look completely to a more serious Eminem, nothing like what Slim Shady back in 2004.

Eminem’s voice has also changed over the years, after the long time that Eminem took off when he went into Rehab and when he went quite along while when his best friend Proof died. Listening to the earlier stuff of Eminem and the newer stuff you can see a distinct change in his voice which some people prefer or hate.


These are the album covers over time of Eminem from when he first started from Marshall Mathers LP to Recovery. Looking at the first album cover you can see that it is dark and gloomy. You can see Eminem or a figure in the background who is unclear, just like the album its strange and dark.  This was the earlier days Eminem really dark and different due to him being one of the only white rappers in Detroit which he was looked down upon.

Looking at the second album cover you can see that the dark, gloomy pattern remains throughout the Eminem albums until the Eminem Show which he is on a stage on the Album cover. This shows that Eminem is starting to come out more to the public. The Album contained various controversial songs like “Without me” and “Sing for a moment”.

This song was one of the songs in the album “The Eminem Show” which was controversial due to the anger and hate that eminem expressed towards the media and prosecutors. Eminem was known in that time for going flames hot on people and groups on his songs meaning insulting and making jokes of them.

Next is Relapse, this was his album released on May 15 2009 after a long period since Encore. Album was taken into rehab after a addiction to  prescription sleeping medication.  One of the main songs that was in this album was Beautiful, this song was about various hard times that Eminem has had and what he has been doing, how he has been segregated from the whole world.

Next moving onto Recovery, this is the album when he changes and he brings it public and explains it all on his songs how he has changed positively. The theme of the album is about around his positive changes, anxiety, and emotional drives. Looking at the first album and the earlier Eminem, the young, wild, and reckless Eminem has changed drastically since then to a more mature, careful and serious Eminem.