Laura Mulvey Theory Applied

Theory Applied

From the video you can tell that the main object of the video and the music is to put across the women. If you look in the video, all of the women are dressed to impress and they have been made to look the part. They are obviously the main focus of the music video. In the 21st century near-naked and in less clothing women are the main attraction in any situation. You put a singing monkey next to a half-naked woman on the street, and no one will notice monkey. This is why all the music videos that are made are strictly for the male-gaze, for the attraction.

If you look at this image you can see that the womans face or any other features cannot be seen. This video has been made specially for the male gaze. If a male was looking at this video they would be noticing their curves and body features instead of the actual dancing and the music itself. This is 1st factor i talked about earlier in this post when i was explaining the theory where when men look at a women in a music video they notice females curves and body features.


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