Laura Mulvey Theory

Male gaze is exactly what it sounds like, it was mainly highlighted back in 1975 in Mulveys essay “Visual pleasure and narrative cinema.” Mulvey stated that the female of every act or film or any such media is the main focus. They are objects of gaze. This basically means that women are the desirable objects on screen. Due to the heterosexual perspective of males, women are seen as objects more than people.



– Flashy clothing, which attracts the gaze of the men. This is because the male gender is attracted to women who dress nice and look good. This is a important factor in the male gaze, the clothing.

– Camera focuses on the women’s curves and body features. The features attract the male audience due to them being men, they are always interested in what they see on a women, i.e. in this case the curves and body features.

– Women are shown as weak and defenceless due to the gaze, the gaze shows the women as only being objects and a item of possession.

– The degradation of female on screen makes them a object of desire and possession.

Three factors of male gaze;

Men looking at women;

When men look at a female on screen they are mostly looking at their curves and body features due to the male gaze. That is what attracts their attention, event he camera and film itself focuses on the females curves.

– Women looking at themselves.

Women look at themselves in a negative image, always picking errors and faults in their appearance. When they are worked over by experts and used in magazine photos with various effects they loose their self-esteem.

– Women looking at other women;

Women always compare each other to other women. This could be if a women is on screen, their hair, clothes or looks. Their appearance is important for women. Thats why they are always comparing and contrasting because she wants to


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