Laura Mulvey Theory Applied

Theory Applied

From the video you can tell that the main object of the video and the music is to put across the women. If you look in the video, all of the women are dressed to impress and they have been made to look the part. They are obviously the main focus of the music video. In the 21st century near-naked and in less clothing women are the main attraction in any situation. You put a singing monkey next to a half-naked woman on the street, and no one will notice monkey. This is why all the music videos that are made are strictly for the male-gaze, for the attraction.

If you look at this image you can see that the womans face or any other features cannot be seen. This video has been made specially for the male gaze. If a male was looking at this video they would be noticing their curves and body features instead of the actual dancing and the music itself. This is 1st factor i talked about earlier in this post when i was explaining the theory where when men look at a women in a music video they notice females curves and body features.


Laura Mulvey Theory

Male gaze is exactly what it sounds like, it was mainly highlighted back in 1975 in Mulveys essay “Visual pleasure and narrative cinema.” Mulvey stated that the female of every act or film or any such media is the main focus. They are objects of gaze. This basically means that women are the desirable objects on screen. Due to the heterosexual perspective of males, women are seen as objects more than people.



– Flashy clothing, which attracts the gaze of the men. This is because the male gender is attracted to women who dress nice and look good. This is a important factor in the male gaze, the clothing.

– Camera focuses on the women’s curves and body features. The features attract the male audience due to them being men, they are always interested in what they see on a women, i.e. in this case the curves and body features.

– Women are shown as weak and defenceless due to the gaze, the gaze shows the women as only being objects and a item of possession.

– The degradation of female on screen makes them a object of desire and possession.

Three factors of male gaze;

Men looking at women;

When men look at a female on screen they are mostly looking at their curves and body features due to the male gaze. That is what attracts their attention, event he camera and film itself focuses on the females curves.

– Women looking at themselves.

Women look at themselves in a negative image, always picking errors and faults in their appearance. When they are worked over by experts and used in magazine photos with various effects they loose their self-esteem.

– Women looking at other women;

Women always compare each other to other women. This could be if a women is on screen, their hair, clothes or looks. Their appearance is important for women. Thats why they are always comparing and contrasting because she wants to

Music Video Analysis – D-12 Fight Music

The song is about the group D-12, the group was very different to any other group in them days. They had a white person rapping along side black rappers. This was different to other people. So basically, this is about how the group D-12 is the odd ones out and how they feel about all the hate.

The song shows all the aspects they are put down on due to the vast amount of diversity they have in their group and the reasons they are hated. The song discovers the meaningless hate and racism they take without proper reasons. This song is basically about releasing anger.

The music video is about a fight club, where the only odd ones out are the D-12 music group. This is shown by the starting movie like scene where the host on the car is insulting the group D-12 group due to them having a white rapper. The story carries on from there how they challenge all the hate and how they over-come it, and how they do not care about what they think.

The group is represented as a out-cast in the larger group. They are shown to be different looking at the song due to the lyrics and the visuals it seems like all the other individuals at the scene hate them. This may be a representation of real life negativity towards the group due to their diverse amount of members. Overall, in this song the group is shown in a negative way by being an outcast.

Yes, you can clearly see that the main artist(s) are, and who they are. The video has done great in showing exactly who is important in the video, this is done by their clothing, camera work, mise en scene and much more which i will go into dept later. I think that the theory has a obvious connection to this.

There are not allot of camera angles in the music, they mostly direct on the artists and they are neither high or low, but pretty much at the perfect height parallel to the artists. Editing is sharp and quick, these are various different scenes which razor cut between each other, this makes the video look like it has a fast tempo. Mise en Scene is used to show the environment they are in as a old roughed up environment, this may be used to show the status and how people think of them, as poor, unknown artists, like trash. This may be a whole big metaphor.

This genre is rap/hip hop, this is complying with the genre because most of the rap artists have the star-image and they mostly focus on themselves instead of anything else.

Yes, it focuses on the group and how they are the outcasts and what they feel about it, various shots are involved of other groups however the main focus is on the main artists who in this case are D12. This shows that the star-image is being over-exaggerated by making the audience constantly focus on them. This is good because this type of genre always focus on the artist/artists so it is nothing new or old for the genre and style of music.

Andrew Goodwin Theory

There are five aspects of music videos that the audience picks up on and they look out for, these include;

  • Through beat – seeing the sound.
  • Narrative and performance
  • The star image
  • Relation of visuals to song
  • Technical aspects of music video

Through beat;

There are three step to the through beat first being that the audience takes into count and straight away is aware of the chorus and verses.

Secondly, there is the voice of the song. The artists are are extremely unique in their voice and vocals. They can be separated from any other artist. This step can easily link in with the star image. The voice of the artist is pretty much is a trade mark for all their music.

Finally, the third step. Songs can also have stories, and a story teller. Instead of random things inside a song and the music video a song can actually have a deep meaning and story behind it.

Narrative  & Performance

Most of the songs that are generated in this century only give us a glimpse of what it is about. We are not told the entire story. Edwin thought that the music videos should remain the same standard throughout any song. And that that performance and narrative should work as a team to keep the audience interested in the music.

Star image

The star image is mostly used in new style music videos. They are strictly made to advertise the artist. Star image makes the artist seem special and more superior to everyone else. The artist is shown to be important which in turn gives publicity to them.

For example, if you look at the image above, Justin timberline has been shown to be the important figure in that music video

Technical Aspects

Technical aspects are important in music videos. The technical aspects can range from camera work, recording, angles, mise en scene, editing and sound effects, and other various effects.

All these things can be used in a  music video to make them look unique and dramatic.  Mise en scene is important in music videos, to make the video look professional and authentic the video needs to have a unique feel to it and that it has been thought about and planned. Also, lip sync is important in the technical aspect to make sure that the audience know who the star is, which links in with star image.