Introduction to music videos

I am currently studying Media studies in Sidney Stringer Academy, and currently I am doing A level Media, business and ICT. This is my A2 media blog which the project for A2 is Music videos.

Music videos have various different reasons behind them, some artists create videos to give a message, to show a reason behind it. Some artists make music videos to make themselves a centre of attention and make themselves famous. The first ever music video made was in 1929 which was by Bessie Smith, the purpose for the reason was to give a visual to a sound, there was no other reason. On the other hand, if you look at Eminem’s song – Stan, it has a deep meaning and story behind it, and that is a narrative.

Music videos have three different types, Performance, narrative and conceptual. Performance video is a video that advertises the artists and bands, an example of this is Beyoncé’s music videos where only she is seen in the music video and she is shown as the most important figure in the video. They are there to make the artist famous and well know. Beyonces video has various aspects like star image, and other conventions which make it strictly performance based.

On the other hand, the Narrative videos are used to create a story and deep meaning behind the music videos for example I used earlier Eminem – Stan, which is obsession. The music video Stan has a very deep story behind it is about a obsessed fan of Eminem who sends letters to Eminem and due to Eminem being extremely busy with life he never replies, the individual called Stan is so obsessed that all his look and style is based off Eminem. Stan has a wife who is pregnant and after various failed attempts to contact Eminem, Stan looses it and puts his wife in the trunk recording on a Walkman which Eminem receives later. When Eminem looks at the news he see’s that there’s been two deaths with a pregnant lady in the trunk who got driven into the river off a bridge. That’s when Eminem realizes its  Stan whose letters he just received. This is how you know that the Music Video is narrative, because you will get a whole story out of it.

Finally, the next is Concept, Concept music videos are used to create a new and unique style of music video, these videos are strange and unique with editing and technique. These videos do not have a actual meaning behind it, and they may not even include the artist. They are just for the entertainment purpose.


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